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 We have had a couple members getting Facebook posts stating that they need to pay past Legion dues, please don't click on these post as they are a scam. I contacted the State membership coordinator and this is what she said about this(see below)

The only way National sends out renewals is thru the mail or email. They do not use facebook. The Department never sends out renewals they come form National.  SO this did not come from The Department or National.
Firing Squad
Firing Squad Commander Steve Gillis is in need of new members for the Squad, in the past few months they have had some members retire for varies reason and could use a few new members.
 If you are interested please contact Steve at: jeannegillis406@yahoo.com or if you know a Squad member talk to them about signing up.


Here are some phone numbers for the VA that can be very helpful, you do need to be registered in the VA medical system.
For all issues: 1-800-827-1000, 1-888-901-6609
Urgent care: 1-844-724-7842
Baseball Discount Cards
Dan Stratman and Rich Padron have acquired Watertown Baseball Discount cards, they are for sale at the Post on Tues or Thursday or by contacting Dan at 920-253-8419 or Rich at 920-285-9727.
 These cards are $20 and give you varies discounts at participating local business, the proceeds from these cards go to High School baseball team as well as the Legion Baseball team. So please come down and purchase a card or give Dan and Rich a call. This will help us support the Legion Baseball team which is one of our goals in helping the community. 
Rich has also said they are now working on forming 2 teams for the 2021 season.