Pitterle-Beaudoin American LegionPost 189

Dear Comrades,
 Now that some of the COVD-19 restrictions have been lifted we have decided to have our June membership meeting. We know that some of you may not be ready or feel comfortable being out and about so if you would like to still be a part of the meeting we will be broadcasting the meeting on Zoom.
If you want to take part of the meeting via Zoom 1st Vice Commander Bob Hamburgur will be sending out a email with instructions on how to join.
We also plan on reopening the Thursday lunches with some restrictions here is the message from Bob:
We will be serving food on Thursday now that restrictions are lifted.  We will be charging a flat rate of $5 per meal.  No buffet style but we will have a varied menu.
If you have any questions please feel free to email me, if you have questions about Zoom meeting procedures contact Bob at: bob.hamburgur@gmail.com
Kirk Grill
Post 189 Adjutant


Dear Comrades,
 I hope everyone is staying safe and well, the executive board recently had a meeting and we discussed how we are going to move forward as a Post for the rest of the year with all these COVID-19 restrictions. I know this is a long read but please read all.

1) Memorial Day:
The city has decided not to have the usual ceremonies, but they would like to have something.  Ron is in contact with the Mayor and she would like to have a small ceremony at City Hall with a gun salute and bridge wreath laying at another location. These ceremonies will be taped and then broadcast on the city's public access channel. If you would like to help or be a part of this contact Ron. The pavers that are usually placed in Veterans Park will be rescheduled to Veterans Day.

2) 4th of July:
With all of the other major festivals in the area being canceled and after a long discussion, we have decided not to have our 4th of July festival. The city does plan to have the fireworks but they want to fire them off at the High School on the football field so they can be in a secure area.
Roger is going to contact the band about our deposit and he'll talk to the fireworks company about the change in location.  
 So on to the 4th of July Raffle, with the fact that we aren't having the festival and the fact that we can't mail the tickets anymore and people aren't able to go out and about to sell tickets, the board came up with a way to still get the funds in that we would have received from the raffle, the majority of the members usually buy their own tickets so we ask that you just send in the $20 suggested donation to help the Post still have the funds coming in (if you want to donate more please do). Please make sure you label the envelope as 4th of July raffle, you may mail it in or just drop it off at the Post.

3) Post Officers and Legion Baseball raffle
: Kirk brought up the fact that we have our nominations for officers at the April and May meetings with voting at the May meeting and instillation in June, with all officers present or called it was asked if they would be willing to serve one more year in their positions and all said yes, so we will see if we have the June meeting and instillation will take place then.
 Baseball raffle, with the fact the season has been canceled the board decided not to sell tickets this year, we will resume next year around May time frame to sell again.

4) Virtual Post meeting
: Bob brought up the fact that we had part of the board on Zoom for our meeting and how this may be the way of the future, so he is going to look into setting up a paid virtual meeting site so going forward we would be able to have our regular monthly meetings and board meetings on this meeting site (most likely it will be Zoom), from what we know it's $16 a month. There will be a camera at the Post so people will be able to see what's going on and would be able to voice thoughts with someone controlling when people can chime in so everyone isn't talking over each other, this will give people the option to still stay informed about Post business without having to be there if that makes them feel uncomfortable.
 Post open: hopefully everyone got the email that Bob is going to open the Post again on Thursdays 11-2, here is what the email said:
The post will be open from 11 to 2 on Thursdays starting next week.  Services offered will be help with disability claim, internet teleconferencing training or any other non contact activity.  No food or beverages will be available. If you need help with any of these services please stop by and see Bob.

5) Miscellaneous Business: Simon reported the roof is repaired on the Post and all is good to go.  Interior remodel talks are on hold right now. Dan reported that the High School will be handing out the scholarships via video conferences. Tom reported that the shed is all set, Ken has the list of equipment up to date and ready for issuing.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.
Respectfully Submitted,
Kirk Grill
Post 189 Adjutant  


Everyone stay safe out there.  Some of our Post members may need help during these trying times. With that being said, if you may be one of those people that needs some help please contact myself or another Post member that you have contact information for and we'll get you some help.
R/  Kirk Grill