Color Guard

TOP ROW; Wayne Schlieewe, Dave Dricken, Ben Dricken

2ND. ROW; Vern Schumann, Bob Rupnow, John Liechty, Dan Stratman

3RD. ROW; Fuzz Schnulle, Paul Bast, Tom Borbe

4TH. ROW; Steve Gillis, Jim Oldenhoff, Marv Zeman, Ken Zindars, Bill Connor, Bill Rex, Doug Rice, John Yelich

2017-2018 Auxiliary Officers

Left to right...
Back Row:
Kathy Allermann, Vice-President
Ora Kuckkan, Treasurer
Karen Sherry, Chaplain
Carol Peters, Sgt-at-Arms
Sandy Sullivan, Historian

Front Row:
Rebecca Hoffman, Secretary
Mary Petrie, President
Pat Benzel, Past Unit President & Installing Officer

Missing: Julie Wright, Assistant Sgt-at-Arms

Sons of the American Legion Officers 2011-12

Back row from left to right; Jerry Peters, Legion Commander and Adviser; Anthony Chentis, Second Vice Commander; and Tom Petrie, Adjutant.

Front row from left to right; Mike Peters, Finance Officer; Mark Peters, Sergeant at Arms; Cory Peters, First Vice Commander; and Matt Petrie, Commander.

Not pictured are Mark Hoffman, Chaplin; Tim Sukow, Sergeant at Arms; and Mike Boyle, Historian.

Pitterle-Beaudoin American LegionPost 189


2018-2019 Officers
Pitterle-Beaudoin American  Legion Post 189

Back row left:  Kirk Grill, Sgt at Arms;  Dan Stratman, Service Officer

2nd. row left:  Roger Herbert, Finance Officer, Bob Hamburgur, 1st. Vice Commander;  Larry Schultz, Adjutant;  Ward Genz, Chaplain: 

Bottom row left:  Bill Rex, Sgt at Arms;  Simon Britts, 2nd. Vice Commander;  Ron Krueger, Commander,  Jefferson Co. Commander and installing Officer, Dave Behling;  and Tom Brennecke, Judge Advocate.