Pitterle-Beaudoin American LegionPost 189


Fellow Legionaires,
As you know, this year has been a tough one for any organization and the American Legion is no exception.  We had to cancel our Legion State Bowling Tournament, July 4th Celebration and the Legion Baseball Raffle along with other activities.  We would have been having our Legion Birthday Banquet and Raffle in March 2021; but, unfortunately, with the unkown ending of this pandemic, the Executive Board decided not to have the Banquet.  We are still going ahead with what we referred to as the Birthday Raffle but have downsized the ticket cost and the raffle prizes.  The raffle tickets will be only $50 each (rather than $100) and the grand prize will be $2,500 (rather than $5,000).  There will again be only 250 tickets sold; so, if all of the tickets are sold, we should net about $6,000, which is greatly needed with the loss of our other fundraisers.  This will help us continue to support the many things that we do for veterans and the community.  We had a state raffle audit completed in Jan. 2020 and we found a few changes were required for us to comply with and one of them was that there can only be one name with address on a raffle ticket (so no sharing!).  We also are not allowed to mail out the blank raffle tickets.  Beginning Thursday, Dec. 3, and each Thursday following that, we will have raffle tickets available at the Post from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.  If possible, please stop by the Post and pick up some tickets to sell to friends and relatives (and, of course, for yourself).  They would make a great Christmas present for that person who has everything and is hard to shop for!  If it is not possible to stop by the Post, please call our Finance Officer, Roger Herbert, at 920-253-7373, and he will be glad to make other arrangements.  The drawing will be held on April 5, 2021, at the Post.  Thank you for being an American Legion member and supporting the Post.