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4th of July Celebration - Help needed

To All,

Just a reminder our 4th of July Celebration is next week Monday the 3rd and Tue the 4th. Here are a few things that we can always use help with.

1) 8am on the 3rd is when we'll be doing set-up, it's not as hard as in the past but many hands make light the work so if you can come down and help please do. We'll be opening for business at about noon.

2) Steve Zillmer has done a great job helping the area chairpersons get volunteers but we do still need about 3 or so more people to help in the bar area on the 3rd from 7:30 to close(about 9:30 or so when fireworks are done),Steve is working on some leads but if you can help please contact Kirk Grill.

3) Take down will be on Wed the 5th 8am once again many hands make light the work.

Thanks to all that have already signed up to help. Hope to see you all down at Riverside next week.

R/ Kirk Grill Post 189 Adjutant Watertown, WI


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